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Spiritual Competence is

Cultural Competence

Asian American Population


Pew Research shows that there are 17 million Asian Americans, comprised of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese Ethnicity. A significant percentage of Asian Americans have spiritual beliefs. Buddhists stand out from other Asian-American religious groups for high levels of belief in ancestral spirits (67%) and spiritual energy located in physical things (58%). Hindus stand out from other Asian-American religious groups for their high level of belief in yoga as a spiritual practice (73%). Buddhists and Hindus are also more likely than other Asian-American religious groups to believe in reincarnation and astrology.



  • 58% of Asian Americans believe in angels

  • 51% of Asian Americans believe in evil spirits

Hispanic/Latino American Population

Pew research shows that nearly 60 million Americans trace their heritage back to Latin America and Spain. Of this population a large percentage have spiritual beliefs. In addition to the information portrayed in the graph, roughly one-in-seven Latino/Hispanic Americans have sought help from a curandero, shaman, spiritist or someone else with special powers to heal the sick; and similar shares have used materials such as incense, herbs, tobacco or liquor in ceremonies for spiritual cleansing or healing.



  • 44% Believe that magic, sorcery, or witchcraft can influence people's lives

  • 42% Believe it is possible to communicate with spiritual beings or saints

Traditional African Population

Pew research states that a record 3.8 million black immigrants live in the United States today. Much of the recent growth in the size of the black immigrant population has been fueled by African immigration. Africans now make up 36% of the foreign-born black population. Much of this population presents with a spiritual belief system.



  • 30% Believe in reincarnation

  • 25% Believe in the protective power of sacred objects

Photo by Simon Matzinger

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