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Katrina Michelle, PhD, LCSW, Director of ACISTE, discusses the support and services offered through this organization, as well as shares of her "mystical experience".

  •  Integrative Mental Health University. IMHU contributes to improving mental healthcare through online and live educational presentations and certifications for wellness seekers and healthcare providers

  • ACISTE: The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences offers services for both professionals and individuals in need. Resources for professionals include: trainings (CEU's), national certifications, ongoing supervision, and community support. Services for individuals include: community resources, and a referral directory to be connected to helping professionals with expertise in this area of work.

  • The Spiritual Competency Resource Center: provides access to online resources that enhance the cultural sensitivity of mental health professionals. Spirituality is now accepted as an important component of cultural competence for mental health professionals.

  • IANDS: As an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the International Association for Near-Death Studies focuses most of its resources into providing the highest quality information available about NDE-related subjects. It is the only such membership group in the world.

  • Literature:

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